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22 October 2018

Exciting news as I am pleased to say the results for the 1857 general election and 1852 general election have now been added to the website, as well as by-elections in between. Now the hard work begins on the elections in the 1840s. 

For now, keep an eye on the Election Hub Twitter account, which is pumping out 'On this day' tweets every day at 2 pm. There are some bugs on the website, which I plan to iron out as I complete the results to 1832, so please bear with them for now. But if there is a legitimate error, please do get in touch. 


15 October 2018

It's taken a while but I'm pleased to say the 1859 general election results have now been added to the website. Considered to be the first election when Whigs, Radicals and Peelites stood as Liberals - with most candidates adopting the label - this is how I have classed the results.

1857 results should be added within the next week. Check back here soon but please do enjoy the rest of the website and, if you spot anything wrong or broken, please do contact me.


1 June 2018

Progress since the last update has been slow and no further election results have been added yet. Unfortunately, this is largely due to the sheer amount of research that needs to be undertaken prior to 1859, the first election at which the Liberal Party is commonly understood as having stood at.

Prior to this, the party was split between Whigs, Radicals, and Peelites but many reference books or sources do not distinguish the three, simply marking them as 'Liberal'. Indeed, many candidates were designated 'Liberals' in common parlance at the time and contemporary news reports.

However, I personally believe that, as there was no liberal party, any of the trio would be better labels, particularly where more than one 'Liberal' candidate stood for election. As I work in decades, I am currently also working on the 1852 and 1857 elections, as well as any by-elections during this period, and so much research is being done to ensure the correct designation for candidates is used.

This process may take some time - and the same will occur for the elections in the 1830s and 1840s, but the effort will be worth it.

Other things to keep an eye out for are an Election Hub Twitter or Facebook account where interesting results will be shared, as well as the results of any upcoming by-elections, including the Lewisham East by-election on 14 June.

Check back here soon but please do enjoy the rest of the website and, if you spot anything wrong or broken, please do contact me at


14 April 2018

Welcome to Election Hub - a soon-to-be one-stop shop for all Westminster general election and by-election results dating from 1832 to 2017. Currently, available elections dating back to 1865, with 1859 on the way.

It is my absolute pleasure to open the website as is, and exciting to see it already in use before it was even meant to be public! This website was started as a hobby, but has now taken considerable time and personal effort to build, so it's a delight that it can help in the way it was intended.

Of course, the website is not perfect and there will be some errors; please do alert me to them if you find them!

Otherwise, next steps include adding the 1859 results (and back to 1832), providing a list of references, finding missing names, adding maps, and creating constituency pages so you can see how it has changed over time.

Thank you for visiting and please share results!



See anything wrong, broken, or want to leave a comment? Please e-mail me at

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